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How to Improve Your Sleep With A Mattress Topper | Comfortable Mattress Toppers

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Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Dylan


How to Improve Your Sleep With A Mattress Topper

Getting a good nights sleep can be difficult when you’re are not comfortable on your own mattress. We’re here today to educate everyone out there how to get a better nights rest without shelling out loads of cash for a new mattress. We take the approach of customizing your current mattress to fit your exact needs.

How can you do this? Put a mattress topper on your mattress!

Mattress toppers are an inexpensive way to make your average feeling mattress feel amazing. What’s great about mattress toppers is that you simply lay them on top of your mattress and the installation process is complete. A simple mattress topper can change the entire feel of your bed.

If your bed is too stiff

If your bed is too stiff we recommend you purchase a memory foam mattress topper. Memory foam mattress toppers help reduce the pressure that a typical spring mattress will put on parts of your body. Memory foam toppers are most common in the mattress topper market because they make the most noticeable difference in the feel of your mattress. We recommend the minimum of a 3″ memory foam topper as anything thinner will not provide the same comfort results and the pressure of your spring mattress will still be noticeable.

To check out our top memory foam mattress topper picks click here.

If your bed is too hot

If you’re bed is too hot we recommend  getting a thin memory foam mattress topper as it will help your mattress breath at night and keep you cool. This type of a mattress topper combined with a floor fan in the same room can create a comfortable nights sleep for the large number of hot sleepers out there.

You can find a 3 inch memory foam topper for a very reasonable price. To view our favorite pick on a budget click here.


No matter what your perfect nights sleep consists of a mattress topper will help you achieve that feeling. We recommend you try out a mattress topper before buying a new mattress as it really can change the way your mattress feels.

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