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Learn The Basics | Comfortable Mattress Toppers


Learn The Basics

A mattress pad is good to use on your mattress whether it is brand new or you’ve had it for awhile. They can make your mattress more comfortable to sleep on, as well as help protect the mattress from spills and bodily fluids. When shopping for a mattress pad, you will find them made out of several materials and you may be confused about which one to buy. Before you choose a mattress pad, you will want to consider why you need one.

Why Do You  a Mattress Pad?
If you are looking for a mattress topper to help provide more padding, then you can purchase a memory foam mattress topper or a topper made from down, feathers or a polyester filling (refer to our mattress topper guide for more information). These are made to solely provide a thicker padding for your bed, allowing you to have more support for your body or to make a bed that is too firm more comfortable.

If you are looking for a way to protect your mattress from spills or other fluids that can soak into your mattress, a standard mattress pad or even a mattress cover may be all you need. If you have a small child who has a tendency to wet the bed, you can purchase a plastic mattress cover that covers over the top of the plastic to keep urine from absorbing into the material.

Types of Mattress Pad Materials
A regular mattress pad with a quilted top is used more for mattress protection as well and not necessarily for comfort. Most of these pads are made from cotton or a cotton blend to allow air to pass through the material in order to help keep you cooler at night.
You can find wool mattress toppers to help keep your warmer in the winter, but these also work well in the summer because they absorb moisture. By being absorbent, if you sweat, it will be kept off your body, helping you get a better nights sleep.

Gel or gel foam mattress pads are available to help provide a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep if you are someone who gets too hot at night. They also help provide better support than most standard mattress pads.

Memory foam mattress toppers, much like memory foam mattresses, give your body better support by contouring to your form. It helps to take the pressure off of your joints and pressure areas on your body, like your back, shoulders and hips.

A mattress topper can turn any average bed into an amazing function bed without having to buy an entirely new mattress. So if you want to sleep on the mattress of you’re dreams without spending a fortune you should invest in a mattress topper.



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