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Pinzon Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad – Review By Matt Cook | Comfortable Mattress Toppers


Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Dylan


Pinzon Overfilled Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad – Review By Matt Cook

I just got one of these mattress pads a month ago and my back feels a lot better. Sometimes I like a firmer surface to sleep on so I’ll throw a doubled up blanket on the floor and sleep on that. The problem doing it this way is that when I turn over onto my stomach my knee caps dig into the floor and hurt after a long night of sleep. This comforter is really good at cushioning joints and pressure points on my body when I sleep on the floor, but I still get the firmness from the floor.

This pad is also an improvement on top of my mattress, the way it was intended. For the nights I prefer softness this gives me just the right amount. I don’t know how to quantify the softness/firmness ratio, but I love it. I also have a gradual dip in my mattress from years of use. Instead of buying a new mattress I bought this and now the dip does not seem so noticeable. I cleaned my pad once so far in the month I’ve had it, and it didn’t present a huge problem, but I have a big washer/dryer so that could make a difference. I can be lazy at times, so I put it directly on my mattress, then put a base and top sheet on top of that. Just wash the sheets when you normally do and it keeps the mattress pad clean, and this way you don’t have to wash it.

Some people say it slips on them, but I haven’t found that to be an issue. Maybe if they didn’t use a sheet to cover it this would happen. I use two sheets and tuck both under the mattress. This has always kept my bed sheets in place, and now it keeps my cover in place. I also use some clamp things I slide onto the bottom seam of my mattress that hold the sheets in place, and that keeps everything tight and in place. I’ve used a down comforter before, but the feather things always came out and poked me. This was pretty annoying. I have also used a foam comforter, but cleaning the foam one didn’t yield any results for me, it stayed dirty. It may have been the specific foam I used (don’t remember what kind/brand) but I only used it for 6 months.

Overall I’m very happy with the Pizon Microplush mattress topper for the price. You simply can’t go wrong buying this topper. I would strongly recommend it and if you’re still on the fence go to you nearest store and lay your hands on one and try it out. You’ll see why it feels so great!

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