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The Best Benefits of Buying A Memory Foam Mattress Topper | Comfortable Mattress Toppers

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Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Dylan


The Benefits of Buying A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you have an older bed or a mattress that is too firm, you’ve probably considered adding a mattress pad to it to try and make your bed more comfortable. However, with the wide range of mattress pads that are available, knowing which type to buy can make it hard to pick one for your bed. You don’t want to be wrong and only make the problem worse, however if you select a memory foam mattress pad, you will not be disappointed.

Mattress pads made are traditional made from materials like latex, cotton, wool or the conventional eggcrate pads and while these pads can work well to protect your mattress, they don’t work as well in making your bed more comfortable. Memory foam mattress toppers work much better for making you more comfortable as you sleep, especially for people who have chronic pain issues from fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Like a memory form mattress, a memory foam topper relieves pressure at your hips, back and shoulders, which are the pressure points that we sleep on. Instead of waking up in pain, with body aches and having difficulty with getting out of bed, a memory foam pad will relieve your aches and pains by helping to absorb the pressure on your body while you sleep.

Which Mattresses Can You Put a Memory Foam Topper On?

A memory foam mattress pad works well for a wide variety of mattresses, but they work particularly well if you have a mattress that is too firm for you. While some people like a firm bed, others will have trouble getting a good night’s rest because of the pressure on their body. By adding a memory foam topper, you can reduce the pressure on your body and get a better night’s sleep.

You don’t want to use a memory foam pad on a bed that is already too soft for you. If it is much too soft for you too sleep on, you are much better off spending the money for a new mattress rather than trying to fix it with a mattress pad. You can put your money toward a memory foam mattress to help you rest better at night instead.

What Type of Memory Foam Mattress Pad is Best?

There are varying densities of memory foam mattress pads to choose from for your bed. While anyone of them will help improve your sleep and help make your body feel better, most salespeople recommend memory foam pad that has a density of at least four pounds.

The four pound density of the mattress topper makes the topper softer and more yielding than denser pads or memory foam mattresses and it is less temperature sensitive compared to the Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress, which has a density of 5.34 lbs. A memory foam mattress is much firmer at 70 degrees than the mattress pad and it requires your body heat to soften it up. The memory foam mattress topper will last approximately five to siz years before it softens too much and you need to replace it, but it feels better and is more comfortable then other mattress toppers according to many users.

Does Thickness Matter?

The memory foam mattress pads also come in varying thicknesses, from 1″ pads to ones that are 4″ or more in thickness. Pads that are about 3″ thick seem to work best for most people by providing the support they need, offering a better night’s sleep and are a bit less expensive than thicker toppers. While a 4″ pad seems to be more luxurious, you may end up giving up some support for your back because they can allow your body to sink further into the topper.

If you have a heavier frame or you don’t need as much back support, then the 4″ memory foam pad may work well for you. You will pay more for the 4″ pad, but if you like a softer bed, this thickness will probably work best for you.

Can You Cover Your Mattress Pad?

While it isn’t necessary to add a cover to your memory foam mattress topper, you won’t be effecting its comfort or performance if you do add a cover to your mattress pad, especially if you use a thinner material. A cover can help you protect the mattress topper from spills.


A memory foam mattress topper can literally change your life by providing you with a better nights sleep and providing you more energy throughout the day. From personal experience I can’t vouch for these toppers enough. Take the chance and try one and I promise you won’t go back!



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